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We can provide you with more traditional fountain components to technologically advanced nozzles that can be programmed to excite your sences. You can count on high-quality products to provide you with years of service. We can also help you select the optimum nozzle effect to suit your application.
We sell products made by "Royal Fountain" "Crystal Fountains" "OASE" "Rain Jet" and others.
Don't see it here? We also have custom components available to fulfill any water feature vision!
Have a look through our traditional nozzle effects by type:

• Foaming
• Streaming
• Fanning
• Simple Interactive

Also have a look through our Programmable Nozzle section!

Commercial Fountain Nozzles

commercial fountain nozzles

General Information on our Nozzles:

Water Level Dependencies:

Throughout the nozzle section of the catalog, you will see reference to either “Water level dependent” or“Not water level dependent”. Different water level dependent nozzles requite the nozzle to be fully submerged in order to produce the desired effect. This type of nozzle uses fountain basin water as well as the water from the supply line to create the effect. The effect for a water level independent is produced solely by the supply water line and its water level placement in the basin is less critical.


The measured spread on a spray jet includes the splash zone of the nozzle. This measurement is intended to be used when determining
the position of a nozzle in relation to the pool edge.

Standard Threading:

Standard threading on components shall be National Pipe Thread (NPT) unless requested otherwise at the time of order. All thread sizes less than 1” will be NPT. British Standard Pipe Thread (BSP) is available upon request.

Fountain Nozzles for Pools & Spas

pool and spa nozzles


Water Garden Fountain Nozzles