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Crystal Fountains
LED007 Series - Ultra Compact LED Light

The LED007 is designed for situations where visibility of the light fixture needs to be de-emphasized and space near the nozzle is tight. The most compact 5 watt light on the market. Currently designed for suspended decks but can be used in multiple applications. Comes with spot light. Made of stainless steel and plastic.
blue jumping water with LED007 light
LED007 Fountain LightLED007 fountain light diagram
shopping mall fountain lit by LED 007
Part #
A Dim
B Dim
C Dim
D Dim
1 1/2 "

How to Order:

1) Choose Light
Lighting Mounting Lamp Part #
RGB Light with Slab Hanger Spot LED002007
2) Choose Cable
Length Part #
9 ft. EL Cord160L09
20 ft. EL Cord160L20

This product is manufactured by Crystal Fountains Inc.