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Crystal Fountains
LED002 Series - Compact LED Light
can be used in Wet or Dry locations

This attractive, compact LED light is available with either a warm or cool white LED or full RGB color LED. Its compact size allows close placement to any jet for maximum light usage or in tight surroundings. RGB provides limitless color sequencing potential. The LED002 Light allows for gentle lighting of low effects and water walls as well as very good projection for high vertical nozzle effects. RGB (LEDEQMRF AND LEDEQMRS) lamps are fully programmable to suit your design needs and work in a systems approach with the LEDPS70 power supply and LEDQUE1 – I-player/DMX controller. Pre-programmed RGB lamps (EQS021A100) are also available that come standard with 24 programs and can work with optional handheld remote controller (EL RGBC 5W). Remote control can work with an unlimited number of lights to dim and change colors of individual lights. Available in different cable lengths and with many mounting configurations to suit your lighting needs from freestanding to niche mounted. Submersible IP68, CE Marking, cULus listed. Made of 316 stainless steel. Not all LEDs are created equally! These LED products produce a high intensity light and deliver perfect optical performance.

fountain withorange led lighting led002 fountain light with stand
led002 light drawing
led002 spot bulbled handheld controlled002 bulbs
Part #
A Dim
B Dim
C Dim
6 1/2"
2 3/4"
3) Choose Lamp
Color Type Lamp Part #
5W-12VDC Spot EQS021A100*
Warm White 3W-12V (AC/DC) Flood EL002A102
3W-12V (AC/DC) Spot EL002A101
Cool White 3W-12V (AC/DC) Flood EL002A104
3W-12V (AC/DC) Spot EL002A103

*EQS021A100 lamp is not UL Listed

How to Order:

1) Choose Light
Mounting Part #
Stand LED002002
2) Choose Cable
Length Part #
9 ft. EL CordA105
20 ft. EL CordA120

candle power chart
light distribution chart

illuminance distribution chart

Units: Foot candles / LUX
Measured on: All, reflectance 0
Distance from surface: 1'/0.3m (from bottom of grid with light perpendicular to surface)

purple LED lights on foma jet nozzles



LED lights washing wall green



Red and Blue LED lights

This product is manufactured by Crystal Fountains Inc.