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LED051 Series
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LED055 Series
LED160 Series
LED190 Series
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LED Fountain Lighting Technology

Fountain Stream lit by LED fountain lights
Waterwall with Multi-colored LED Lights
Marble Fountain with LED Lights

Crystal Fountains has been at the forefront of exploring LED lighting technology for water features. LED lighting is an exciting new way of thinking about and installing a lighting system. At the heart of each LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a microprocessor that emits light when an electric current passes through it. As each diode can be programmed individually, digital light shows can switch with incredible speed, variation and accuracy. With RGB color (Red, Green, Blue) you have a virtually unlimited palette of color to work with!

LED water wall washer Other advantages of LED lighting:
  • Lower power requirements
  • High Efficiency/Produces Less Heat
  • Long life/Saves Maintenance Time and Costs
  • Limitless Design Flexibility with Color Intensity/Variety
  • Can individually control each LED lamp for limitless color sequencing potential

LED lighting technology requires a systems approach. Royal Fountains can supply all the components you require and assist you with product selection and sequenced show programming. LED Lighting works as an integrated total networked lighting system and includes 3 elements:

  • LED Light Fixture and/or Nozzle
  • Animation Panel with Power/Data supply keypad
  • Power/Data cable

LED lighting on fountain

Commercial LED Fountain Lighting


LED051 25 watt color changing underwater light


LED051 Info

LED052 30 watt color changing submersible light


LED052 Info


LED055 30 watt white led niche light

LED055 Info

LED 30 watt white or RGB ring light

LED160 Info

LED190 30 watt niched RGB or white LED deck light

LED Accessories - LED Power • DATA • DMX Supplies
LED power / data / diagram
This product is manufactured by Crystal Fountains Inc.


Residential LED Fountain Lighting


LED002 compact led light - wet and dry
LED051 25 watt color changing underwater light

LED052 30 watt color changing submersible light