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Water Sculptures and Water Spouts

As an alternative to a fountain or to complement and enliven an arrangement - figures and gargoyles are available as water inlets or outlets. Basic operation of a water sculpture is the same as for a fountain. A water basin or reservoir is required, from which a circulating (fountain pump) sends water along a hose or other suitable duct to the water sculpture or inlet. From the spout, water must then be conveyed back to the reservoir. to ensure that the closed-circuit system functions continuously A distinction should be made between traditional gargoyles frequently adorning old village and town fountains, and waterspouts of more modern style which are often integrated and completely free
from any protruding grated into various sculptured designs or sharp edges, to form a living part of a work of art. Animal sculpture with integral waterspouts are becoming increasingly popular for home use. Besides the more common simple figures such as ducks. frogs, etc., the choice now extends to artistic wildlife representations. with built-in spout made of reconstituted stone and bronze, When choosing sculptures and waterspouts, care should be taken to ensure that their style. color and size integrates well with the overall setting, And if children have access to the arrangement, sculptures should be quite sturdy

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