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Streams and Watercourse Installations

Watercourse installations are usually copies from Nature, but are also, sometimes quite consciously conceived as, concrete stepped installations. The principle is always that water has to flow from a source at a higher level over a more or less long and winding water course - to a lake. pool or water basin. An important aspect in this. is the enrichment of the water with oxygen. The widths of the watercourse can vary considerably - at its widest points a uniformly thin film water flow should be provided. The result is that, at the narrowest points of the watercourse, thicker sheets of water form and the side edges must be shaped deeper, In addition to the watercourse width, the geodetic delivery head

(difference in height between the lower water level and the upper supply point of the source) is of decisive importance for the design of the pump. The pump forces the water from the lower water reservoir through a pressure pipe to the upper source. The supply can take place almost imperceptibly as a still source or bubbling vigorously by means of foam-effect nozzles.


  • For optimum circulation. water suction point in the lower reservoir should be arranged to face inlet from stream. .
  • Edges should be built up along narrow sections of the stream. .
  • Ensure pump is correctly sized.
Large stream construction

Multi level waterfall stream

small water course

stream - waterfall desing illistration


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