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The Art of Small Water Display Fountains

bubbling boulder fountain
Small fountains today, almost anyone can afford or find space to enjoy a small fountain or waterfall display. Depending on your taste and what space you have, fountains are available for the garden, the patio, or even indoors, in your home. The choice covers numerous variations from a complete range of fountains, and also includes items such as garden pools, pond liners, submerged pumps and underwater lighting, together with a host of fittings combinable at will to create a truly personalized water display. Outdoors, in the garden or elsewhere, pools are usually set in the ground. For safety and children's sake, the water surface should be guarded by a galvanized steel screen or grating. For patios and living areas, decorative arrangements are available in wood or ceramic. Pebbles, volcanic rock and plants lend a distinctive touch to these fountains. Outdoor water displays are designed either as free-standing units or to be placed on a table or windowsill. Not only do they have a decorative and soothing effect, but they also make a dramatic improvement in room atmosphere. None of these fountains require a continuous water supply. The basin or reservoir is simply filled with water and the pump, usually a submerged motorized unit, circulates the water to a fountain, a sculpted figure or a waterfall, where it pours back into the container, ready for a new cycle.
small pedestal fountian
small interior fountain
small watergarden with frothy nozzle


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