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Fountain Design Services

Services Offered:

  • Project planning and budget projections
  • Conceptual design and development
  • Concept implementation
  • Fabrication of components and custom components
  • Fountain design and engineering packages
  • Material lists
  • Maintenance and Operation Manuals

Fountains are a key central architectural feature of any project. They add a level of dynamic beauty to static architectural elements. Fountains appeal to the senses of sight and sound as they entice the eye and delight the senses. Fountain integrate with the environment and add aa special dimension of shimmering light and soothing sound. Properly designed and engineers fountains enhance and accent your architecture and landscaping.

Fountains serve many purposes, they provide a focal point and help to mask unwanted sounds. Animated and interactive fountains can draw attention to a new development and revitalize existing ones. Reflecting pools and waterfalls add a quiet element to a peaceful setting. Fountains can be designed to appear traditional or modern as to blend with the surrounding environment.

Including a fountain as an architectural enhancement to any project add a distinct element of beauty. Fountains have fascinated people beginning in the earliest civilizations. Gravity fed fountains have been civic center pieces dating back more than 2000 years, and some of these are still world famous.

Today's water features are an art in their own right !

Recent technology has expanded the fountains role in architecture. Interactive fountains delight children and grade level fountains add an element of fun to parks and recreation areas. Computer controlled or animated fountains are used as focal points for many malls, commercial centers and public areas. Fountains design continually develops with new technologies. With the addition of laminar flow and other nozzle technologies have allowed today's fountains to continually amaze and delight people. From backyard fountains to larger scale fountain projects, Royal Fountains will provide you with a complete fountain design to meet your needs.

NO other element is as inviting to people as WATER !

Water by it's nature draws us to oceans, lakes and rivers. By human nature we are inspired by waves, waterfalls, rivers and even rain. Artists and architects alike strive to include water into their works. Water features can cause feelings of both tranquility and energy. The interaction between light and water can further enhance the experience.

Royal Fountains offers residential, architectural and commercial fountain design services in conjunction with a wide array of fountain components. Working with home owners, Architects, Landscapers and developers Royal Fountains design team can supply you with the needed mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and programming consulting services. We take the architectural concept and create detailed construction documents to ensure a perfect fountain installation every time.

Our creative and experienced water designers can skillfully employ effects and lighting to create the ideal mood to harmonize with any setting. Water effects vary greatly and care should be given to the energy of the display with regard to the surrounding environment. From design and development through construction detailing, Royal Fountains designers can provide complete packages for your fountain installation. Design services can include, conceptual design, development consulting, construction drawings, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. Services may also include material lists, maintenance and operations manuals, construction supervision, and start up assistance.

Design Services:

A drawing or sketch and approximate size of a proposed fountain, or a selection of nozzles chosen from the nozzle section can be enough information to obtain a design services quotation and an equipment estimate.

Our design team can design you a fountain to complement any existing or proposed environment. Just supply us with photos, renderings, plans, or a hand sketch and we can propose designs to fit your requirements. Upon receipt of your fountain layout, sketch or description, our designs will provide you with a "design service quotation" for your project.

The Design Services ar usually divided into two distinct phases. The "Design and Development phase" and the "Construction phase". Once Royal Fountains has been contracted for your fountain design, we recommend a series of discussions between our designers and the client to properly implement the client's proposed goal. Changes during this phase usually include size and shape of the water feature, plumbing, piping, lighting, and other hardware needed to make your fountain design a success.

Once the "Design and Development" phase is complete and the design is set. Royal Fountains' designers will complete the construction documents.

Construction documents include drawings and specifications necessary to complete the fountain installation with the exception of structural drawings. Structural engineering drawings and PE stamps should be obtained locally in order to meet all of your local codes. Typically the construction documents include: mechanical and electrical plans for the fountain, plumbing and electrical schematics, equipment elevations of the pool structure, drains, fills, and the required components that meet NEC electrical codes. Optional operations and maintenance manuals for the proper care of your fountain may be included as well.

Site visits ar recommended for larger fountain project, typically three visits are recommended.
The first visit: should occur in the design & development phase to consult with the Architect or developer. During this visit, fountain configuration and design issues are discussed. For Architects and developers experienced in fountain requirements and design, this visit may be omitted.
The second visit: should occur during the construction phase of the project. Depending upon construction type and material used will determine at which stage of construction is best suited for the site visit. This is usually the most important visit.
The third visit: should occur at start up, when the fountain is completes and ready to start for the first time.

Depending upon the scope of the project and the availability of information, initial quotes may require up to four weeks to complete.

Fountain design packages typically take six weeks to schedule and complete (large fountains may take longer). Lead times begin with the acceptance of the design proposal and required deposit.