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Architectural Fountain Design Guide

Basic Design Rules for Fountains & Water Displays Overview

To design the hydraulics system for a fountain with moving or active water, a very firm idea must be developed as to how the fountain will look, and the appearance it is supposed to have. To assist in this creative process, we present below six different types of water displays. These types of water displays need not be strictly separated from each other, there are mixed forms and combinations of different types, but if one just wants to utilize the possible combinations, then he should be aware of the differences. Every water feature displays its optical and acoustical appeal against the background of its environment, be it an element of the garden, a park, or town landscape. The designer must take this into account. From the typology follows

the technology, Royal Fountains can assist you in the design of your fountain project. First, there is an introduction to the simple construction principals of a fountain unit and a summary of the range of components, then a description of the most important construction variations with their typical advantages and disadvantages Finally, the operation and performance of centrifugal pumps is explained. If you take note of the ten basic rules mentioned on this page, you will avoid the bad mistakes which are repeatedly encountered in practice, If there is creative fantasy in a confident interrelationship with the engineering, very attractive, enduring fountain units or water displays are a certainty.
Fountain Spary height Factors


The ten most Important Fountain Design rules

  1. Not under trees:
    Fallen leaves, insects and bird droppings contaminate the water and can clog up the suction filters in the pumping system.
  2. Not exposed to high winds:
    Unfavorable wind conditions disturb the desired water pattern and can take the water in the fountains over the edge of the basin Height of water columns/jet should not be greater than the distance to the nearest edge of the basin.
  3. Water-saving basin depth:
    To reduce water use during changes required for cleaning the basin and prevent accidents to children, the basin and thus the water depth, should be kept as shallow as possible (typically 16 to 18 inches).
  4. Protection by cover gratings:
    The cavities in the fountain basin. which are necessary for accommodating the equipment should be covered by gratings,
  5. Overflow/outlet to the drain:
    For easy emptying and cleaning of the fountain bash an overflow/outlet to the drainage should always be provided.
  6. Freshwater supply:
    A permanently installed freshwater pipe with automatic topping up and pump drive running safety device should always be provided, especially for public installations,
  7. Securing the power supply cables:
    Power supply cables should be Installed in underwater junction boxes; this is essential for public installations,
  8. Selecting the correct pump:
    Fountain pumps are subject to heavy endurance requirements and therefore, must be specially prepared for their intended application,
  9. Selecting the correct electrical:
    The electrical must be matched to the pumps and lighting circuits and be provided with the special protective and safety equipment (GFCI) for fountain installations.
  10. Protection during winter:
    Precautionary measures for the winter should be taken at the planning stage, Above all, it must be possible to protect the pumps from frost by removal if necessary.

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