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The "Camelot" WB400 Series
Fire and Water Feature

The "Camelot" is a low-profile bowl of cast concrete that has an inviting shape and spherical ball-feet giving it a real presence. The beautiful and multi-purpose effect for commercial and residential fountain projects. Available in systems of 1 - 4 bowls that can run on one center panel, comes as a complete kit.Camrlot fountain bowl

camelot fire and water fountain

The "Camelot" is available with exciting:

  • Fire and Water displays
  • Water only displays
  • Fire only displays
  • Water & Planter displays
  • Decorative Bowl only displays

All of the "Camelot" Fire bowl systems come complete with a single automated control panel. The Fire Bowls are finished with your choice of Natural or Rounded Volcanic Rock or five (5) different colors of reflective glass.
CAUTION: DO NOT use glass with propane applications!

Camelot Fire Bowl on patio
Fire Bowl(s) to be operated by a single electronic control panel (included) complies with AGA and CSA standards for outdoor gas fire places.
• Supplied spacer must be used for air flow.
• 1/8" Suction strainer openings required.
• Must be installed by licensed electrician and HVAC specialist to comply with local codes.
• For all propane applications, propane adder must be purchased.
• For commercial applications using either propane or natural gas, double propane adder is required.


cmaelot fire fountain
Lava Rock for camelot Glass inserts for camelot


Camelot Specifications

• Input Voltage

120V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz AC Voltage to control panel

• Output Voltage

24 VAC

• Water Flow

Water Only / Planter - 15 to 20 GPM
Water and Fire Bowls - 12 to 12 GPM

• Gas Inlet
• Gas Pressure (Nominal)
7" wc for Natural Gas
11" wc for Propane
• Gas Flow
1 Bowl System - 60,000-80,000 Btu
2 Bowl System - 120,000-160,000 Btu
3 Bowl System - 180,000-240,000 Btu
4 Bowl System - 240,000-320,000 Btu
Camelot Water Bowl fountain feature
Camelot Fire and Water fountain
Camelot pleanter waterfall feature