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ECOMAX Biological filter
for fish ponds and watergardens


Biological filter EcoMax
ECOMAX is a modular internal biological filter. It prevents the clogging of any pump, as well as purifying the water with a mechanical filtering action (blue sponge on the perimeter) and a biological filtering action (white internal sponge). Thanks to these particular features it is recommended for use in ponds where you want to create water effects or to create waterfalls and streams. ECOMAX can be preferably positioned aside of the pond and the pump inside. It has a large handle which helps for a rapid uncoupling of the filtering part and the pipe during normal cleaning operations. ECOMAX is modular, so if you buy the single optional modules you can adapt it to any type of pump..
Ecomax easy handle EcoMax close up of filter media Filter with pump Modular Fiter

The blue sponge on the perimeter (density approx. 25ppi.) prevents clogging ofthe pump (mechanical filtration); the internal white sponge has a smaller density (to avoid “tiring” the pump excessively) and has above all the function of biological filtration, providing a large surface for the colonies of bacteria that purify the water. The white sponge may also be replaced with Bio-Balls or Ceramic rings.

EcoMax Biological Filter
Part #
Max Flow GPH
9" X 6"
$ 104.98
diagram of biological filter